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All the Money is Gone

It is sad to hear that Allen Iverson, who was once one of the highest paid NBA player is now broke. In my book Rich for Life: Secrets of Those Who Stayed Rich for Life and How You Can be One, I shared how when one’s person goal is to get rich, he/she usually gets poor. You can have all the money in the world now but if you don’t change how you perceive yourself and how you see money – it will eventually destroy you.

Here is a classic recent example:

099_allen_iverson_001--300x300For the past three years, as Iverson chased an NBA comeback, his marriage fell apart and much of his fortune – he earned more than $150 million in salary alone during his career – dissolved. Now, those who once ignored past signals have recognized that basketball may have been the only thing holding Iverson’s life together. “He has hit rock bottom, and he just hasn’t accepted it yet,” says former Philadelphia teammate Roshown McLeod.

Iverson stood during a divorce proceeding in Atlanta in 2012 and pulled out his pants pockets. “I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger,” he shouted toward his estranged wife, Tawanna, who then handed him $61.

news excerpt taken from Washington Post


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