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On Respecting Women: A call for Media to Take Action

We are a nation that is taught how to respect women and their rights. When the RH Law was being deliberated, we would hear the argument that it is for women’s right – that women have a right to choose. I respect that. We as a nation took a serious stand on fighting for women – that women are to be respected and not treated as second class citizens – I am all for that.

This week, we are given another chance to deliver a strong message on RESPECTING WOMEN.

A call to respect women and not treat them as sex objects. For our family especially our children to be exposed to such lewdness in primetime TV is alarming and dangerous.

According to Yahoo Philippines


The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB)  has placed the  TV5 show “Wowowillie” under probation for three months.

MTRCB Chair Atty. Toto Villareal told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! that the probation period has also started.

Villareal’s office also tweeted that it is subjecting the TV5 show to an SPG (Special Parental Guidance) rating “effective immediately.”

This developed after MTRCB received complaints in social media and other sources  about the show’s female dancers, who were wearing  skimpy outfits and showed excessive flesh exposure  in its April 16 episode.

Villareal informed Yahoo! Philippines OMG!  that “a dancer  was practically exposing her large breasts for around eight minutes with several others skimpily dressed.”

The Board’s Twitter account added that  the show “accepts responsibility and apologizes to MTRCB for skimpy outfits & excessive flesh exposure.”

This is not to just call out the producer of WOWOWILLIE but also other TV networks who would depict women as sex objects. With the influx of new movies and TV shows that are very sexual in nature to soft porn magazines that are situated within children’s eye reach in bookstores – it puts the FILIPINA in a bad light and our children in an awkward compromising situation.

We can always go with the argument that movies and TV shows just depict the culture but I also would like to remind our movie producers that our children have a right not to be exposed with such acts through billboards, movies, magazines, and the like. Let us not be surprised if there would be a rise in sexual crimes and assault. We as a nation have allowed it. When good men remain silent and nobody dares speak – we are empowering others to do what they want to do.

This is not just a call for moral reform but a call to decency. Let us respect women and stop treating them as sex objects – they are God’s daughters thus they deserve to be respected. This is the culture we choose to raise our family in and we need as a nation to fight for it and not just go with the flow.

We don’t need to eat everything that is served to us. We can actually stand up and say enough is enough.

I hope you can spread this message and let’s pray for a better future for our kids.