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Shared Activities

If you are engaged, married or want to get married I have a very important tip for you.

Men, instead of doing activities you just like, find some activities that both you and your spouse would enjoy. Activities could range from eating, watching a movie, ballroom dancing, doing ministry in church together, walking the dog, running, taekwondo, reading books and discussing it after, jogging, road trips, window shopping, fishing, exercise,sports or eating. Did I just mention eating again?

Women – if you want to bond well with your man, be involved with his activities. He loves to play basketball – then accompany him to the games. He wants the occasional bloody action film- compromise and endure an action movie the same way we endure your chick flicks.

Shared activities work when both parties do it out of selfless love.

Make it your date night topic: What are some shared activities we can have?

shared activities