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It Takes God, a Man and a Woman

it takes a man and a woman

This is not a movie review though of course I will give the movie 5 star as usual. John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah G has the best chemistry as a couple in the big screen but the reason I am blogging about the movie is because of the main subject of the entire movie is worth blogging about.

The story minus the kiligs and and the sweet pa tweetums is about forgiveness. Forgiveness is something we value but we have a hard time practicing. Everyone wants to be forgiven but not everyone is willing to forgive. The culprit for such action: PRIDE.

Laida played by Sarah G experienced such trauma when she caught her boyfriend JLC with another girl. She couldn’t forgive Miggy played by JLC for his actions and choose to keep the offense to herself for two years thinking that time will heal all wound. As we all know TIME does not heal WOUNDS. Forgiveness does.

In one of the scenes Laida asked her mom how she could forgive her dad who committed adultery. The mother said that FORGIVENESS IS A CHOICE. She had to remind herself that she had to choose forgiveness and love every single day because she loves her husband. It is so much like what Christ did for us on the cross that is why for a relationship to work, it would take three.


It takes God, a man and a woman.

Forgiveness can be a costly activity. When you cancel a debt, it does not just simply disappear. Instead, you absorb a liability that someone else deserves to pay. Similarly, forgiveness requires that you absorb certain effects of another person’s sins and you release that person from liability to punishment. This is precisely what Christ accomplished on Calvary  – Ken Sande




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