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Bobotohin Kita kasi….

To our dear Senatoriables,

Next week is election and as a Filipino I am exercising my right to vote. Voting for people in public office is a Christian duty for me, it means I take the electoral process of our country seriously.

I am making my list of senators to vote and I actually find it hard to complete my list. I think this will be the first time that I would not be able to complete my list for certain reasons:

1. I believe it is time we as Filipinos put a stop to political dynasties. To my dear senatoriables, in good faith I hope you would consider working with members of your family (especially if they are father/son/daughter, husband/wife, siblings) in government para maisulong ang mga gusto niyong pagbabago rather than take another seat in senate and congress. For the love of country, give other people the chance to govern and lead.

2. We are living in a time where we as voters have access to the platforms, core values and beliefs of the people running for public office. We can actually have a wise and informed decision before casting our votes. Now there are some senatoriables who never showed up in any debate or forums – i think that sends a very strong message of not educating us with your platforms and plans for the nation. Thank you to @momblogger and rappler.com for giving us access to the plans of the senatoriables.


And to my dear senatoriables that I am voting for:

I hope you put God and country above your personal interest. I hope you would fight for the values of strong family. I hope you defend the poor even if it means offending some of the rich. I hope you would protect the rights of both women and children with the rampant prostitution and human trafficking in the Philippines. I also hope you would stay true and fulfill the platforms you have presented to us. I voted for you because you said that you will make true your promise for a better Philippines through the reforms and platforms you presented.

I also pray that you will have the courage to face the controversial bills that would come our way – from legalizing gambling, abortion, and same sex marriage. I pray that you will have the right convictions founded not in man’s opinion but God’s. Do not be afraid when political groups in the country would label you as moralist when you know that all men stand for something. They stand with their own morals and you stand on God’s orals – we are all moralists, the real issue is what morals do you have?

To all the senators who would win this coming elections, I promise to honor the civil government and pray for you. Whether we agree on certain issues or not, I promise to lovingly confront you with my blogs (hehe). Seriously, whoever God puts in position of power I am assured that God is above all powers and He remains sovereign. You are beholden to God ultimately so be a good steward of the leadership and power God has bestowed upon you.

With you in partnering for a better Philippines,

Dennis Sy

Here is my list of Senators:

Bro Eddie Villanueva, Gringo Honasan, Ed Hagedorn, Jun Magsaysay, Dick Gordon, Greco Belgica and Bam Aquino.




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