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Kevin Garnett’s Winning Attitude

Boston Celtics might have lost this 2013 but what Kevin Garnett showed in the playoff series is worth sharing. KG, who is 37 years old led the playoffs in rebounds before they lost to the New York Knicks.

Even though Celtics was old and tired, the heart to win is very evident during the playoffs. “If you could have seen him getting prepared to go to practice, let alone for games,” said Boston coach Doc Rivers of Garnett

One of the things that marks a great man is his preparation. KG knows he is getting old thus he knew he had to prepare to fight with the younger basketball players.

What Kevin Garnett showed this playoff makes him a game changer. To have your coach praised you and label you as such is a great honor.

“He changed it. He changed our whole way,” Rivers went on, referring to Garnett in the past tense. “I can preach it all day, but when you have a guy walking the walk (of) what you’re saying, your franchise changes. Every new guy that came in here, even vets — stars — who came in, from Shaq on, they had to change a little bit around Kevin.”

How about you man? When you enter into a room, do people feel the difference. Does the game change when you step into your role and responsibility as a man – in your home, the workplace or in your relationships. It’s time we walk the talk and act like a man.