Talk to Her

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Talk to Her

When our spouse/ fiancée/ girlfriend is stressed, she feels a need to talk about what is on her mind. She needs to rant, vent out her emotions and just talk about her feelings and all the other emotions and factors that might contribute to why she is feeling that way.

As what I said in my previous blog, she doesn’t want our solutions men. That will come later, what she needs is to vent out what’s on her heart. Women tend to feel overwhelmed with their problems (and it doesn’t matter if it is big or small). As we talk and process with her, she feels more relaxed and could see clearer why she has the problem in the first place. Men, that means it would take time (hours) as you process what she is going through. We might be tempted to give a solution but I highly suggest to put it off first in the first hour. Let her express her emotions freely first.

“To feel better, women talk about her past problems, future problems, potential problems, even problems that have no solutions. The more talk and exploration, the better they feel. This is the way women operate. To expect otherwise is to deny a woman her sense of self.” – John Gray