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Vote Like a Man ( Election 2013 Blog Series)

Views and opinions are solely my own and is not in anyway connected to the views of other bloggers of actlikeaman.org and also of my local church.

In just a few more days we will once again elect local officials in the Philippines from city councilors up to the senators. In every election, we are given as Filipinos the power to vote and choose the people we want to rule and lead us. I think that is such an enormous task and we need to be pro-active in the electoral process.

I have been personally praying and researching on who I am going to vote this coming elections and honestly it would be my first time to have less than 12 senatoriables that I am going to place in my ballot. The great thing about our time today is that we can research and study the platform of the senatoriables running. Sites like rappler and POC are great websites that informs us how and who to vote for this coming May 13.

So with that I want to kick off my election blog series with the #1 senatoriable I am going to vote. (Drumroll please….)


So why am I voting for Brother Eddie Villanueva?

1. He is tested as a leader.

As a church leader myself, I am amazed at how Bro Eddie led the JIL movement that has 4 million members worldwide. To be able to lead a church of that size requires great leadership. Leading a church movement is actually very hard according to leadership guru John Maxwell because you deal with volunteers. How Brother Eddie managed and expanded JIL to where it is now is simple astounding. Sa Tagalog, wala akong masabi.

Here are some of his background taken from his official website:

As a youth, he led the student sector in fighting the abuses of a regime gearing itself for a martial rule. As a patriot, he was among those who fought martial law and consequently, was jailed twice for championing the cause of the victims of land-grabbing. As a professor, he mentored economics students in the country’s pioneering school of commerce. As a pastor, he took care of hurting and wounded people and led them into the loving goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. As President of Bangon Pilipinas Party he relentlessly pursues national transformation.

2. His character and integrity.

I have seen brother Eddie and actively campaigned for him when he first run for president. I am amazed at his humble demeanor yet firm and strong conviction when it comes to national transformation. He would often quote the verse:

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)

His influence in the political sphere, specifically in governance, was proven by his eminent role as spiritual adviser not only to former Presidents, but also to former and current politicians and bureaucrats. His advice always centered on good governance. When leaders divert from this principle and become incorrigible, Bro. Eddie would then boldly speak on the wrong-doing, call for change and then pray for the nation.  For Eddie Villanueva, righteousness and good governance are inseparable.


3. His love for the nation.

With my previous involvement in Brother Eddie’s campaign for presidency, one glaring thing that blew my mind was the intensity of the Bangon Pilipinas volunteers when it comes to seeing change happen in our nation. Parang mahahawa ka talaga sa pagmamahal nila sa Diyos at bayan. I could remember in our precint in Makati – we signed up as volunteers for Brother Eddie. We were in the precint the whole time with other watchers of other presidentiables. When they asked us how much we were getting we told them that we were doing it for free. Gulat na gulat sila kasi sila may allowance at snacks while kami kanya kanyang dala ng pagkain hanggang madaling araw. In short, values always starts at the top and flows down to the people. His love for the nation is contagious. Walang kapalit (no strings attached), when you volunteer and campaign for Bro Eddie – it’s for the love of country.

And honestly, whether he wins or not this coming elections – it doesn’t really matter. I vote as a Filipino who loves his nation and want to see transformation happens. I think Brother Eddie is the man for the job.

Read Brother Eddie Villanueva’s platform here








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