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Why and How to Invest and Make your Money Grow

Let me answer the simple question why you need to invest and not just save your money. Because if you put all your money in the bank, you actually lose money. WHAT!!!!

Yes, what I mean to say is that the value of your money actually goes down. With the inflation rate we have now which can be as low as 4% and high as 6% and your savings account that earns you a measly 1% to 2% per annum, you are actually losing as low as 2% to 4 % per year. So you are actually losing your money value. Thus I always advise for men to not just save (your emergency fund) but also invest the (after your emergency fund) money.

Personally, I only put a certain amount of money in the bank and put everything else in investments and mutual funds. Since practicing that 8 years ago, we have seen our money grow slowly and steadily. The goal is to make money work for you and not work for money.

So How do I Invest? Good question!!! Let me tell you how. The primary thing you need is not capital – but that is a close second but FINANCIAL LITERACY. You need to learn HOW TO INVEST AND THE HEART OF WHY YOU NEED TO INVEST.

This coming June 22 my personal financial coach Randell Tiongson, with some of the greatest minds in investment in the Philippines will be speaking in ICON 2013: The Biggest Investment Conference of the Year.

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