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Why Jeff Mauro is Sandwich King

We had a very different date night last Monday. We were invited to join the Sandwich King Jeff Mauro as he showed us how real sandwiches are made.  Jeff Mauro is the winner of the Food Network Star’s 7th season, and the host of Sandwich King on Food Network.  Thammie and I had a chance to speak to him and ask him some questions and we took home a lot of lessons from the Sandwich King!


jeff mauro sandwich king

PASSION: What makes Jeff Mauro successful is his passion in making sandwich a work of art. They said what separates great ones from the good ones is that the great ones tend to see their work as ART. Sandwich King is entering in its 3rd season on Food Network Asia made possible by Cignal Digital TV.

cignal tv

HUMILITY: During our table conversation Jeff said that in spite of the success of the show, he needs to look out for pride. “Don’t let fame get into your head.”  Some people tend to have big heads and a sense of entitlement when they experience some level of success. Jeff Mauro in the few hours we have been with him showed class and down to earth humility. Amazing guy!

sandwich king

CONSISTENCY: To talk about burgers for more than three seasons says a lot about Jeff’s talent in making Sandwiches. You have to be actually good at what you do to make it to the top. When Jeff was presenting his Sandwich for the night, we were all amazed at how good he is in educating and entertaining us. It takes talent and consistency to be the reigning SANDWICH KING.

sandwich king

SUCCESS takes more than just making a great sandwich: Add Passion, Humility and Consistency.

You can catch Jeff Mauro’s The Sandwich King, Wednesdays, 8pm on the Food Network, brought to you by Cignal. Be sure to watch the Season 3 premiere this June 19, 8pm. Jeff also appears on $24 in 24, premiering on Food Network Asia in the 4th quarter of 2013.

sandwich king

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