Kenny Smith on Routine

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Kenny Smith on Routine

Kenny_Smith_Moment44Every day I had to shoot a certain amount of jumpers. It became a routine. Every day in high school I had to study a certain amount of time, and the more I studied, the more I could play basketball. As a kid, I had a routine as well. If I studied for three hours, I could play basketball for an hour. If I studied for six hours, I could play basketball for two hours. It was all about the routine. Setting a routine and then getting rewarded. I felt I wasn’t going to get rewarded if I didn’t have the routine.

– Kenny Smith on advising Avery Johnson to improve on his jump shot.

If you want to experience success in some measure, you need to have a routine. Routine keeps everything in place. To have a routine requires discipline. Whether it is exercising, reading the Bible, going to church, working a 9 to 5 job – it requires routine.

Achieve your goals by building on your routine. Be amazed to see dramatic changes by doing so.

Source of Quote: Avery Johnson’s Aspire Higher


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