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Lessons Learned from Papa

Happy Father’s day to my Dad!

Jesus SyIf there is a man who has shaped my values and my core – it is my father, Jesus Sy. Not Papa Jesus, but Jesus Sy. Jesus was born on December 24, his hobby is carpentry and he loves to help people. Funny how he resembles Jesus of the Scripture.

Here are some valuable lessons my dad taught me about life.

1. Love your wife.

Thank you Papa for loving Mommy. Thank you because growing up we never saw you fight in front of us. Thank you for continually pursuing mama in your own distinct way. Thank you for showing us that great marriage is possible.

2. Cool ka Lang.

My dad is cool under pressure. I think I never saw him panic ever. When our house was burning, he was calm, cool and collected. It is a sign of inner strength. Thank you for being a picture of strength for our family in the midst of trials and storms.

3. Legacy.

Papa always thinks of the next generation – whether it is setting up a business or trying to buy lands – he was thinking about us. It was never about him. In fact, now that he is in retirement, he has been visiting his hometown more often. We wonder what he sees in his hometown since it is not as progressive as the other province but his heart to help the people in his hometown is overwhelming. Through dad”s effort, they have started a chamber of commerce to help fund school buildings, hospitals and other initiatives to help the poor. Why is he doing this? For the joy of serving the Lord!

Thank you dad for your love, sacrifice and example.