Man of Steel: What Makes a Man Strong?

Taking Manhood Back

Man of Steel: What Makes a Man Strong?


“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep in order to gain what he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot

The movie Man of Steel is more than just an action movie though it had I think almost an hour of non-stop action.  But after watching the movie, it made me ask some retrospective questions about manhood?

What makes a man strong?

superman-man-of-steelDuring the fight scenes of Superman, it was clearly portrayed that Superman can actually be defeated. Superman was not all muscles. He had a conscience and it made him according to his father twice the man as his nemesis General Zod, who actually had an epic fail way to die after countless of times his head was banged on buildings – that even cause the buildings to collapse, and all Superman needed to do was…. okay I won’t spoil it for you.

Having a moral conscience doesn’t make us weak. That is what they say to a lot of strong Christian men that I know. When Manny Pacquiao became a Christian, a lot of people said it would make him softer – it didn’t. Add Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin and other Christians who have excelled in their work. Our belief in God actually makes us stronger – not just in one area but in our whole being.

What makes a man strong is for a man to understand he is not that strong. I know it sounds contradictory but it makes perfect sense. A man who thinks he has no weakness is weak. Pride comes before destruction. It was depicted in the movie, it is shown in the Scripture and it happens in real life. Jim Collins even had a term in his book,How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In – THE HUBRIS OF SUCCESS. Organizations and people who think they have made it already – they have nowhere to go but down.

manofsteelBut to live in the constant reality that I am not that strong would make us look for help. God knew better by giving us our wife – a helper suitable for the man, according to the book of Genesis. Left alone, we might end up just shouting HELP!!! all the time.

What makes us MEN OF STEEL is for us to accept our need for help and to be vulnerable about it. Superman had to give up himself to save the world. The world had to give up something to trust that Superman can actually save them from the aliens. Jor-el had to give up something to gain a son who would one day save the world from total mayhem. In Scripture we see that God had to give up his one and only Son Jesus to save the world from their sin.

They say movies depict culture realities. Man of Steel sure did that. It showed us that we cannot save ourselves and on our own we are weak and that somebody had to sacrifice his one and only Son to save the world. Sounds familiar right?