A Richard P-O-O-N-tastic Marriage

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A Richard P-O-O-N-tastic Marriage

969719_10151705618004252_717749906_nI was privileged to officiate the wedding of a very good friend, Richard Poon and his wife Maricar Reyes. I have officiated some good weddings and some great weddings. This one is one of the great weddings I have seen maybe because of the love story behind the wedding.

My friend Jayson Lo blogged about some of the details of their love story here and also Acel Van Ommen shared some of her memories with Maricar Reyes here, so let me share why Richard and Maricar will have a very POON-tastic marriage after the wedding.

The reason this will be a great and colorful marriage is because Richard and Maricar


The timing and the decision why they got married was not based on their timeline but God’s. I have seen how they honored Jesus during the process of the wedding preparation. You could see the handprint of Jesus everywhere.

For marriages to thrive, Jesus must be center. Not first, but center. Center means everything flows from your faith and belief in Jesus. The Bible is not just a book you read, but a manual you follow by the grace of God.


Couples fight. Yes, great marriages do involve couple that fight. The question is do you fight clean or do you fight dirty? How do you fight clean?  I learned this from my pastor, Steve Murrell. He said, some things you overlook and somethings you oversee.

Don’t major in the minor. Some fights are pretty petty. Overlook some of the minor offenses. But some issues in marriage, you have to oversee and talk about.


In whatever situation, remember we are sinners who say I do. What separates good marriages from  great marriages are couples who understand that it takes the grace of God to remain harmonious. When both people acknowledged that they were saved, sustained and forgiven by grace, it is easier to understand your spouse.

Lord you are so good to me that it is not an option for me to be bitter to my spouse. I need to forgive my spouse not because I am right and she is wrong but that I have offended you a thousand times but you still choose to forgive me. Forgiven people forgive people.


For couples to nurture each other, they must know their roles. Men are to lead and love their wife as Christ loved the church and the wife must submit to her husband as unto the Lord in everything.

As we fulfill our biblical roles, we in the process nurture each other. We help each other grow in our faith and love for each other as a couple.

Lovingly lead and respectfully submit.

To Richard and Maricar, once again congratulations and my prayers are always with both of you.

Maricar and Richard : Secret Wedding from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.

Check out Maricar Reyes’ blog on actlikeaman on WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW: http://www.actlikeaman.org/maricar-reyes-manhood-driver-sweet-lover/



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