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Real Men Play Basketball

Ang tunay na Lalake marunong mag Basketball


When I was a little kid, I was always told to try out and join the basketball team in our barangay or in school, in that way you can be called one of the boys. Yes! I grew up playing basketball with the help of my big brother, we joined the half court leagues and dominating every street games we’re in. (naks). My super galing na kuya will always tell me that you need to practice more so you can be faster, better, stronger and have more fans, (agree and disagree). Well it came to a point that I grew tired of playing and was convinced that yeah I can play this sport but this is just not for me and I can’t excel like my kuya did ( he’s is always in the mythical 5) ,

So what happened to the phrase that “ Ang tunay na lalake marunong magbasketball? Well not all the time, Does this mean I’m less of a man na?  See, that’s what always our society dictates and push you to be and do. What a about the guys who grew up and does not play sports at all? What about my fellas whose wiring is more on the artsy side? What about the guys who’s really in born musician, composers, story tellers.

Predictable manly behavior doesn’t define a man.

What defines you is none other than God. Remember, you’re made in the wilderness and you are to hunt for your food. And you are created in His own image and likeness. You are so special in His sight, God could easily have commanded the creation of man by His own Word, as He had done in the case of the animals (Genesis 1:20,24) and the plants (Genesis 1:11) , BUT!!! He made His hands dirty just for you, He breathe life into you and He made you great, wonderful and different, the most excellent in all His works, you are His masterpiece. So even if you are not really into sports , or nakiki tweet ka lang sa Spurs and Heat dahil uso nowadays that’s totally OK! Know who you are kay God, kung sasabuhay mo lang talaga lahat at you will understand who you are to Him, I’m telling you will be invincible and will be more than a hunter/conqueror. Don’t believe what society or your community dictates you; Ang pagiging tunay na lalake ay hinde madidikta sa kalye, just listen to Him alone, that’s all that matters.

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