Treadmill People

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Treadmill People

aspireAccording to Avery Johnson in his book Aspire Higher, he runs away from people who he considers are treadmill people.

Treadmill people are those who belittle you because of their own insecurities. Treadmill people go nowhere. All they want to do is bring everybody down with them. Treadmill people stop going places. They are usually the people who think they have made it and never challenged themselves anymore. They have lost the drive and the passion. Treadmill people are contagious thus you need to get yourself far away from them.

Surround yourself with people who will push you to dream bigger and aspire higher. I thank God for people who continues to push me to be greater in what I do. I thank God for my friend Larry Uy, Jayson Lo and Chinkee Tan who pushes me and tells me I can be better.

I thank God because I see so many of my team mates push themselves to become better. I see how our facilities person in church, CHAI, would give her best week in and week out to learn the craft of managing a big church facility. I thank God for my youth director Joash and his team Dave and Chel who are hungry to learn more about campus ministry. I thank God for our admin staff who would encourage and push each other to be better. There is no room for treadmill people in a room where all people want to improve in their work and craft.

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