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Absolute Purity

I am excited to speak this coming Saturday at our church in Victory Greenhills as our singles ministry HARDWIRED headed up by Talks.ph founder Val Baguios organized a different kind of event for single men and women.

dennis sy thammie sy

Thammie and I will be talking about ABSOLUTE PURITY IN A SEX SATURATED WORLD. All of us have been exposed and tempted to commit pre-marital sex, get hooked in pornography and enticed with same sex relationships. World views have changed and Christians today find it harder to live a pure life. Is it even possible to live in absolute purity today?

That is what Thammie and I would like to answer and discuss this coming Saturday. We will also be having a break out group for men and women after our talk.

UPDATE: as of 11pm tonight, registration is already closed. Watch out for the 2nd one na lang!