Courage of a King

Taking Manhood Back

Courage of a King

This week is our 3rd installment of WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW. Our guest blogger is Phoebe Lucero.

If there is one thing I want to tell men — youth, single and married alike — is that they ought to be men of courage.

We all know that courage is not not being afraid, but going ahead and doing something despite the fear and despite the challenge. Courage after all, stems from faith. How courageous one is, is directly related to how great his faith is.

I have been seeing many youth stepping up lately. Young men who used to be the poster boys for “worldly christianity,” who have left their old ways and old relationships, and now are obeying the Lord.

I have been seeing single men stepping up, acting on their faith to pursue the woman they had been praying for and exercising great wisdom to remain pure and holy before the Lord.

I have been seeing married men stepping up, being vigilant and staying committed to their wife and their marriage. I have even been seeing married men who have made mistakes, but are stepping up to keep their family intact and restoring their relationship with their wife.

In fact, I have been seeing courage firsthand.

king luceroI am an honored, pursued, loved married woman because of the courage of one man.

My husband, King, had the courage to honor God and make disciples as a young man, as he began his journey with the Lord, despite his many activities and responsibilities as a varsity player and student council member. He finished college too.

As an adult, he had the courage to come home from the U.S. to answer God’s calling, even though he was already enjoying his simple part-time job there and earning dollars.

The courage to pray and seek God’s will, even though he liked a different girl in the beginning.

The courage to seek counsel from seek counsel from those who have gone ahead of him , even though he could have acted on his own.

The courage to talk to me and lay down his intentions for me, even though he could have tested the waters first since he had no clue about how I felt.

The courage to propose to me after a month and a week, even though he could have dragged it longer for one reason or another.

The courage to speak to my parents about our relationship, even though he ran the risk of strong opposition from my dad.

The courage to believe God for the provision for our wedding, while he had no regular income yet and I had no job.

The courage to marry me after 5 weeks of courtship, 7 months of engagement, and a total of about 14 months of knowing each other. The courage to marry me despite my past and my many flaws.

The courage to be a father, even though he was young and had been married less than a year.

The courage to co-parent with me, even though he could leave it all up to me.

The courage to love, protect, and provide for our children, despite the massive pressure and responsibility to do so.

The courage to forgive me and ask for my forgiveness, given our imperfections and sometimes conflicting personalities and ideas.

The courage to believe God for our dreams individually and as a family, even when it looks pretty impossible.

The courage to prioritize our family, despite his love for his work and ministry, his love for his friends, his hectic schedule and his responsibilities as a pastor.

The courage to lead me and our children to love and honor God daily, even though he could choose convenience or indifference.

The courage to remain faithful to me, despite my inadequacies as a wife.

The courage to continually date me, pursue me, give gifts to me, love and honor me, even though he has had my love, loyalty and commitment for nearly 9 years.

And I pray that he will continue to have the courage to stick with me till death parts us and to cling to God till he joins Him in heaven, despite the challenges that we will face as a family.

Courage overflows from a man’s relationship with God. Courage is the result of a man’s deep, honest, intimate running conversation with God, where he lays down all his fears and apprehensions at His feet and embraces the grace and strength that God gives him. Ironically, courage results when a man surrenders his life to God, living the truth that without Jesus, he is nothing. Courage is the way of life of a man who trusts and obeys God.

What kind of man are you? How courageous are you?

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Phoebe Torres-Lucero is a wife of a loving husband & dedicated pastor, King, and mother to two pretty, smart, active, wonderful little girls, Danae and Noelle. She writes at