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When I Grow Up I want to be like Greg Kite! Who???

“(Greg Kite) He’s a twelfth man that doesn’t belong in the league” – Bob Ryan, sportswriter for the Boston Globe

greg-kite-facebookGreg Kite was a center from Brigham Young who got drafted by the Boston Celtics in 1983. He was deemed a useless player in the Celtic lineup. But when Larry Bird published his book Bird Watching: On Playing and Coaching the Game I Love, he made special mention and honored Greg Kite.

People don’t understand that most fans only see the games. They don’t see practice. I always thought the practices were so important – I still believe that – to prepare other guys to play. That’s why our 1986 team was so successful. To the 2nd unit, those practices were their games, especially to a guy like Kite who didn’t play much. He wanted to beat us every day in practice. He never took a day off. He couldn’t afford to. He was excellent for our team. He was a smart player, he knew everything we were doing, and he understood exactly what his role was. I wish I could find me a Greg Kite right now for the Pacers. – Larry Bird.

source: Bird Watching: On Playing and Coaching the Game I Love p.9

I could imagine if Greg Kite read page 9 of the book it would have brought tears in his eyes. All the years of hard work mentioned and honored by one of the greatest player in NBA basketball.



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