Jack Welch’s Straight from the Gut

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Jack Welch’s Straight from the Gut

I read this book as I was starting out in leadership and Jack Welch’s experience in turning a company around is amazing. I know the winner of this book will be inspired to do great in how he leads his team/ organization.



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It’s hard to think of a CEO that commands as much respect as Jack Welch. Under his leadership, General Electric reinvented itself several times over by integrating new and innovative practices into its many lines of business. In Jack: Straight from the Gut, Welch, with the help of Business Week journalist John Byrne, recounts his career and the style of management that helped to make GE one of the most successful companies of the last century. Beginning with Welch’s childhood in Salem, Massachusetts, the book quickly progresses from his first job in GE’s plastics division to his ambitious rise up the GE corporate ladder, which culminated in 1981. What comes across most in this autobiography is Welch’s passion for business as well as his remarkable directness and intolerance of what he calls “superficial congeniality”–a dislike that would help earn him the nickname “Neutron Jack.” In spite of its 496 pages, Jack: Straight from the Gut is a quick read that any student or manager would do well to consider. Highly recommended. —Harry C. Edwards


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