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Joe D’ Mango’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Vow


I have said I love you countless times that I really have lost track  of how often I have expressed  my affection for you.  This would have been a perfect picture of a beautiful marriage but I know in my heart that I have hurt and offended you more than the moments that you felt that I really loved you. I just want to let you know that my love for you since we walked  down the aisle  almost 25 years ago has grown deeper in my heart. Now I love you even more than  you will ever know.   The moments  you felt I didn’t were the moments I loved myself more. The moments you felt offended were the moments when I was driven by pride. The moments I hurt you were the moments I valued my feelings more than yours.

I want to ask for your forgiveness for every painful word that   I  said, for every tear that you shed because of me. I confess  all my strongholds to everyone here. I am not asking for redemption but for understanding. God has dealt with me and has made me accountable for all of these. But God is a faithful and forgiving God. And I know that  I already have victory in Christ.

Mom, I would say this again and I am praying that I may  be able to  prove it through my thoughts and actions , ” I love you very much and you are the only woman who will occupy the most  treasured part of my heart forever. I hope that I would live  long enough to show you how much you mean to me.

Thank you mom for  your unconditional love. Thank you for fighting for me when I was weak and thank you for loving me even at times when you cannot find a reason to anymore.  I thank The Lord for letting me find the person worth living for and spending the rest of my life with. My life has never been  the same since I met you. I love you mom, more than words can ever say. You will always be a part of me and  through God’s grace , we will always be in each others heart forever.

Editor’s note: Joe and Bing’s daughters surprise their parents for their 25th wedding anniversary.