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Sell Out

I found this today while skimming a book my wife was reading:)

Though I have, many times, abandoned morals to “fit in”, may this excerpt inspire all of us in our struggle and temptation to lower the standard to be widely “accepted” and “commercial”:)


Words of Walt Disney:

I am personally thankful for my parents who taught me at a very early age to have a strong belief and reliance in the power of prayer for Divine inspiration.

I have watched constantly that in our movie work the highest moral and spiritual standards are upheld…

This concern for the FORM and CONTENT of our films goes back 40 years to the rugged financial period in Kansas City where I was STRUGGLING to establish a film company and produce animated fairy tales.

Many times during those difficult years as we turned out in Hollywood the first Mickey Mouse, we were UNDER PRESSURE TO SELL OUT or GO “COMMERCIAL” in one way or another. But we stuck it out…

Whatever success I have in bringing clean, informative entertainment to people of all ages, I attribute in great part to my lifelong habit of prayer…”

I think to give “what the people want” is easy. But to give “what people want” and not lower the moral standard is hard. Darn hard.

And so I fail.
But it is also the time I learn to ask for Help:)