Wedding Preps: Why I Wanted Two Wedding Dates

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Wedding Preps: Why I Wanted Two Wedding Dates

I must admit, my being “segurista” sometimes gives me weird (and funny) ideas in my head.

Such as when the time that me and my fiancee, Cha, (now my wife, ūüôā ) were planning for our wedding. That was a few weeks after we got engage. The “normal” wedding (and bank account)¬†preparation time is, around a year. Weddings nowadays, no matter how simple you think you want it to be, needs serious preparation, and serious budgeting too! I knew that from the start, so when me and Cha talked¬† and selected a date we considered riding the bandwagon of “one year preps”. We opted for December 2013.

I had to discuss this with my mom over a meal, one time. When she asked me when do we plan to get married, I confidently said “in December” – it was a “look-Ma’-I’m-so-grown-up, I-plan-my-wedding-only-for-a-year” moment!

I think she wasn’t thinking the same line as we were, when she said: “Sa December pa? Bakit?”.

In my head, I was already re-assessing our planning time capabilities, our bank accounts, etc etc. I know for sure that December is the most logical date to do the wedding. I blurted out something like “mahirap mag plan, at isa pa, mahal na magpakasal ngayon..” This time, a little less confident than I initially was. I think my mom sensed my hesitance and a little fear. (ok it might not be little after all)

“Parehas kayong marunong mag dasal, bakit kayo natatakot?” (Both of you knows how to pray, right? Why are you scared?).

She then suggested to do it in June.

It’s funny how I felt God was trying to communicate to me something through my mom. After that, I immediately talked to Cha and consulted her. We¬†analysed¬†the situation carefully- are we being tested for our faith? Or is this a foolish decision?

What was our major concern? Money. How much would I really add to my bank account for our wedding budget, would it really be that significant if we opt to do it in December.

I calculated. The answer was no.

So being the super-wise man that I am, I told my submissive fiancee, “I know! Let’s plan for two dates! Let’s reserve June and December!” I thought I needed a plan B.¬†Simply brilliant! Not.

A few days after that, we realised that it was silly. Reserving a date for venues, photo-video suppliers, and caterers would entail for us to make a reservation fee (duh!?)- and of course reserving two dates, aside from making the suppliers laugh at the idea, would cost us more.

So we decided to make a choice. If we want God to be glorified in this wedding, then we should start making decisions that would glorify Him. If we want to make decisions to glorify Him and then we should start looking at His capabilities and His bank account rather than just looking at ours.

We finally decided, June.

I hope you believe me when I say that a few days after we decided to have it in June, people started blessings us left and right until the last minute of our wedding preparations.

Our venue and catering was sponsored;

Her gown was sponsored;

P1030387We had monetary gifts from people we least expect to give. Some weren’t even our godparents;

Some were from couples who were actually planning for their wedding too (believe me, God can use anyone!).

Even my work cooperated. For the first time, after 6 years of working, I was given an out-of-the-country assignment, this means that my salary will become untouched and I will be given an allowance equivalent to the cost of living of the country I was assigned to. I was sent to Japan and I was able to save some amount from that trip too!

Also, during the wedding planning, it was my first time to receive a 6-digit gift amount!

As I am writing this, I still get teary-eyed and my brain still cannot comprehend how God can use people to bless His servants. God was simply waiting for us to TRUST in Him.

I know God deals with us differently, and He may bless you in other ways. But I hope that my story inspire some. Specially men who are seriously striving to provide for their wedding. I know our tendencies to be super logical and practical, but I think God is calling men to start looking at a REAL, UNLIMITED source.

Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” – Mark 5:36

PS: Here’s a video clip of the highlights from our pre-nup and wedding:

Cha and Val on Vimeo