Bamboo, Isa Fabregas, The Voice and A Valuable Success Lesson

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Bamboo, Isa Fabregas, The Voice and A Valuable Success Lesson

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Pakiramdam ko, walang ganitong ARTIST ngayon eh. I feel she is a throwback. I can make something of this. –Bamboo on choosing Isa Fabregas to advance in the battle rounds

I said it before and I’ll say it again. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you can’t be ordinary. There must be a unique difference in your product, service and what you have to offer to the world. For the last few episodes of the voice, Bamboo has been criticized for choosing whom he thought to be worthy to advance in the battle rounds. Most netizens felt he made the wrong decision. Now I won’t go the route of defending Bamboo on his choices since I am no award winning singer and performer but if there is one VALUABLE LESSON we can learn from this competition is that being unique and offering something out of the ordinary is better than being great at something common and normal.

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Take it from a man who has redefined rock in our nation. Bamboo rose to fame because he offered something different. He had a fresh take on the songs he sings, how he entertains and how he composes his song. It is no wonder he chooses people who can offer something different.

Isa Fabregas, offered something different. She is not the next Norah Jones or the next great singer-alike. She stood out and rendered a song only Isa can deliver. Same goes with Lee Grane (though in my humble opinion, she lost the battle round to Dan) and the others whom the coaches picked to advance.

So how does this apply to our everyday life: Everyday choose to be different. Be above normal. Be weird in a good way. Offer something that nobody or only a few offer. Find your niche and be good at it. Invest on building you, your product and service. 

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