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Boxing Training with Manny Pacquiao

My whole body aches today after my boxing training yesterday. I was privileged to be trained by none other than……


For many years I have a chance to mingle with Manny. This is PNOY, a Manny Look-alike trainer in Elorde

manny pacquiao

Jabbing with Manny @ the backstage of Music Museum


During the early days of Manny

We are fascinated with look alikes. We are a nation who loves to copy famous people. But here is a valuable lesson I learned meeting all the fake Manny Pacquiao. To strive to be a look alike won’t give you the same success and respectability as being the original.

I have never seen someone achieve more by trying to be a copycat. We have a tendency to live as copycats and settle for second best. As men, we are called to excel and give it our best. To do so requires sacrifice and a lot of hard work.

I remember seeing so many great preachers and public speakers. I wanted to be the next Luther Mancao, Chinkee Tan, Francis Kong but I knew in order to excel in what I do I cannot copy them. I need to find my own voice and my own identity. It is same with pastoring a church. I cannot be the next Joey Bonifacio or Steve Murrell. I could definitely learn a lot from them but to be like them in every way is an impossibility. I need to find my own strength and be secure with the gifts God has given me.

So don’t strive to be Manny Pacquiao but find your own identity whether in leadership, business or your career. And decide to excel in what you do.