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Haters and Manhood

What does a man do when he is faced with haters. I think all of us have haters. Some have silent haters, some have noisy haters. Anybody who embraces a worldview would always have haters. Why? Because all of us live in different world views. When I started this site, I experienced my run with haters. They don’t actually hate me, they hate the message or a blog that I published. And I think in a civilized world, we can all agree to disagree. But not everybody has that stand. Some are out to tear you apart and make things personal because of a certain thing you did or say.

So what do we do as gentlemen especially in an age where it is so easy to hate? My answer: LOVE

Understand that they are coming also from a worldview they highly believe in the same way I am coming from a biblical worldview that I believed in also as the absolute truth. So the tension lies here.

It is the same way with our spouse. You come from different family backgrounds. You have different world views. You have to learn to agree to disagree. Adjust, but at the same time love unconditionally.

So to all who disagree with what I write here, it’s okay actually. It is a worldview that I have and I can’t force it to others. Don’t hate. Disagree but don’t hate. LOVE!

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