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What to Do After Knowing your Passion

I am really all for finding your passion. That thing that you just love to do. When you are passionate on something you become emotionally attached to whatever that is. If you have it now, that’s great! But if your day job just isn’t your passion, then it might cause some tension inside of you.

Sometimes, some people make passion an excuse to leave their work ASAP, only to find out that the passion they thought they have for something might just not live up to their expectations (i.e. bring in some money).

excitedHere are my 3 thoughts about what to do after knowing your passion:

1.  Know your strengths too. Your passion is what you love to do. But passion may not be enough. You need to find your strengths. Your strengths are the things you love doing, things you are good at, and you also have the skills and knowledge to do it (Read more on the ingredients of strengths here). Passion might give you a jump start but it is your strengths that can make you stay on course. The good thing is that, your strengths can be applied right now, right where you are to prepare you for your real passion.

2. Do your best and do what you need to do. Knowing what I love to do did not blind me from the reality that I still need to get other things done. When I was a student, I hated math so bad- because I just didn’t like numbers that much. But I was in an engineering course and it’s just FULL of mathematics everywhere. I passed engineering (on time, 5 years) and learned very valuable lessons: persistence and hard work. I did not finish with honors, but I sure did worked triple compared to those who naturally loved math. Now, those 2 lessons I learned are my same tools I’d use to reach my new goals.

3. Be a stabilizing agent. I borrow this term from Not Just Sundays a book by Bertram Lim. He talks about people (Christians) hopping from one workplace to another. I think that if you want to become someone worthy of trust- then you should at least do your best to provide stability specially to the organizations where you are working today. Quitting your day job suddenly because you want to fulfil your “passion” sounds noble but it actually creates instability to some extent. If you really have to go, make sure that proper process has been taken and do not burn your bridges to your previous employers.

In the end, knowing your passion, your strengths and your talents is definitely the first step in reaching your dream career. But you must of course look at them with lenses of realism. Remember that where you are right now is where you begin your dreams – know yourself, do what you need to do and then see your passions materialize.


Editor’s note: Val Baguios just launched his new website: Strengths Revolution. Great site for those who want to maximize their potential.