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What To Do If You Are Madly In Love

madlyinloveShort answer: Nothing.

Long answer:

If you’re a man and you feel “madly” in love with someone, and you are itching to do or say something like:

“I wanna be with you forever!”

“I’m going to marry you!”

“I will do anything for you!”

Take this unsolicited advice from a previously “uber emo” guy: LET IT SETTLE.

Let your emotions settle down until you become sober of that “madness”. I am all for loving a woman, for pursuing her and courting her- but I suggest you do it not only with your heart, but also with your mind. If you are madly in love, the participation of your mind seems to be a lot less. Here are 3 reasons why you should let your emotions settle before doing something.

If you are madly in love (chances are)….

1. You don’t see her flaws. Don’t close your eyes from reality. Real love sees the flaws but chooses to overlook it. False love pretends that there are no flaws. Allow her to show her flaws and allow yourself to be “normal” in front of her too.

2. You do not listen to counsel that much. Specially if those counsels are quite against her or the relationship. I’m not saying you heed the counsel right away- I’m just saying you listen to it and you listen to it in a constructive perspective. In that regard, I want to encourage you to surround yourself with people who can speak the truth in love towards you.

3. You do not count the cost of your actions. Planning ahead is key for any major decisions in life. That includes counting the cost of any action. Cost in terms of your time, your sacrifices and, well, your money. Real love is not blind on the cost of loving one person, in fact, real love counted the cost, and resolved that loving the person is all worth that cost and more!

Being in love is a great experience, and it becomes even more real when you involve not only your heart but your mind when you are loving that person. Let your heart be guided by your mind, and let your mind be transformed with the right things. Take wisdom from the right sources.

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? – Jeremiah 17:9

If you are in love right now, here’s my prayer: may God be the guide of your heart and your mind!