MTRCB Summit: Intelligent Viewing for our Kids

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MTRCB Summit: Intelligent Viewing for our Kids

I was invited to take part in the recent MTRCB Family Summit and the talk was about how parents can be equipped to help their kids be responsible and view shows more intelligently. With so many shows in TV today that communicates wrong values, we as parents must be vigilant and informed about what we allow to enter into our house through the TV set that we have.


Maria Carandang keynoted in the summit and she delivered one of the most empowering and interesting subject when it comes to the parent’s role in the TV viewing of their kids.


Here are some of my notes on her talk: Italics are my comments

Children are not little adults. They are children. Alisin na natin ang kultura na bata lang yan Ang mga bata may feelings. To expose them to adult themes is irresponsible on our part.

Study shows that children become aggressive after watching violent shows. The debate is over!


Shows have a theme that good triumphs over evil but how? Thru violence Our kids absorbs that violence is okay as long as it is used for good. Could they really comprehend that?

Sidenote: Maria Carandang was sued twice for saying that a 6 yr old boy dancing sexually on TV is wrong while hundreds in the studio laughed. Something must be done!


Study made by McCann Erickson shows that young people want their parents to tell them what is right & wrong but in a respectful manner unlike what we see on TV.

Bawal ang violence sa tv from 6am to 9pm report to @MTRCBgov if there are violations

Also Emily Abrera spoke on the effects of TV with backed up research and stats made by McCann Erickson. Italics are my comments


Study made by McCann Erickson shows that young ppl want their parents to tell them what is right & wrong but in a respectful manner

In 1992 McCann Erickson conducted a study that shows that Tv has become te surrogate parents of our generation. In 2000, the study shows that the situation has gotten worst.

Children tend to mimic what they see on TV so personally I think we have to be very careful with what shows we produce on TV. Calling all movie and TV producers to take note of this! We also have to stop using the reason that the shows produced are just a reflection of our society. I think it is not. It is injecting moral or immoral values and stand of some people to children who still can’t process what they watch.

Children who watch too much TV tend to be anti-social and it also reduces their critical thinking. If we want intellectually stimulated kids, let’s minimize using TV to kill time and entertain them.

Children are easily impressionable especially between the ages 1 to 6

The earliest TV and media exposure for children should be aged 2 because that is the season of their brain development.

Panel discussions with some local celebrities:


Oyoboy and Kristine Hermosa decided to spend more time at home than at work because they know the impact of time with kids. They know that the growing up year of the kids are crucial to their development. TV is also not a favorite past time among couples who were in the panel.

oyoboy kristine

Lander Vera Perez and Regine Tolentino keeps their children busy with activities that there kids would rather choose to be productive in some other ways than watch TV. They are also deliberate about guarding what their kids watch on TV and movies.


Thank you very much to Tita Tessie Villarama, MTRCB Board Member for inviting us to this event. We learned a lot and we are glad to partner with MTRCB for this advocacy.