Where Not to Put Your Money

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Where Not to Put Your Money

Many people are in search of a “lucrative business.” They assume that if other people are making money from it, they’ll do too.

Before putting up a business, consider what Warren Buffet (the 2nd richest man on the planet) has to say:


Don’t be too quick to let go of your money simply because an investment “sounds good.” And don’t just turn your back either without studying it, or you’ll end up to be close-minded – you won’t be able to find anything to start.

If you don’t know how a business works, then research and learn about it. Better yet, try to test the market or get a pulse by talking to prospective customers, suppliers, or to the people who’ve been in the industry long enough.

Pessimism will hold you back.

Optimism is good, but don’t forget to do your homework.