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If You Think Virginity Is A Prison

..And your girlfriend/fiancee is your “key” out of this prison…

Then you might be missing the whole point…

“abstinence from sex can bring about a better sex life after marriage..” You’ve probably heard it before.

the-40-year-old-virgin-v1-mobile-wallpaperIf the BEST reason for you to hold on to your virginity is because you wanna have GREAT SEX after you get married, then chances are you might really feel imprisoned, or worse, get burned out keeping that “law” and give in anyway. I am all for having great physical pleasure in marriage, besides, who isn’t? But stay with me in this when I say, there is greater purpose for that “waiting time”.

I think that we have elevated sex (yes, even after marriage) to a pedestal higher than it ought to be. The “excitement” that comes from the wrong type of abstinence isn’t helping either. We have also reduced the “virgin waiting time” to just, that- a waiting time, for the ultimate pot of gold- that is sex.

The truth is, after marriage, it’s the same… you can still feel discontent; the urge to lust; and sometimes loneliness – and the funny thing you’ll realize is this:

“My partner isn’t the key!”

Even if she’s the super beautiful, loving and caring wife that you’ve been dreaming about… Your whole being will still yearn for something else- something that would satisfy more than your sex drive. Because sex isn’t the BIG jackpot!

While I won’t argue about the biological and emotional proof that abstinence could actually bring about great sex life after marriage, I think the real reason for sexual abstinence for singles is for us to shift our eyes towards JESUS CHRIST and look to Him as the ONLY ONE who can:

a.) Give us the power to actually save sex for the right person at the right time. (Men, it is almost next to impossible we can do this without Christ!)

b.) Give purpose to our “waiting” time.

c.) Fulfil ALL our human needs.

NO. Jesus is NOT a product that can solve all your problems and make you a better person. Jesus is the ONE (and only one) who can make you ALIVE. And unless you realise your biggest need is to be “alive”, and consequently, that knowing Him is, the ultimate goal – you would always look for cheap alternatives…like…great sex.

Saying all of these, I learned another important thing. For people like myself, who made wrong decisions before in this area, during the time when I had not known Christ yet, understand this: the NEW LIFE that Jesus is offering is ALSO AVAILABLE to MESSED UP PEOPLE like myself.

Friend, if you are saving sex, just to get even greater sex later- then you might want to dig deeper and know the REAL reason for your “waiting time”. We only have an audience of one, pleasing Jesus and knowing Him is that reason. I pray you won’t settle for cheap alternatives.

Nothing is as wonderful as knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I have given up everything else and count it all as garbage. All I want is Christ – Apostle Paul , Phil 3:8, CEV