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Laying Down, Assuming, Stalker sa Internet

For this week, I will be answering some questions I have received from Formspring: Today’s formspring questions:

 1. Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how to prepare laying down intentions to a girl? any tips? thanks!

When it comes to laying down your intentions with the girl, make it as natural as possible. I really don’t encourage fancy dinners or romantic settings. You are just laying down your intentions which means you just want to communicate with her that you want the relationship to go from friendship to courtship.

I did mine when I dropped Thammie off her house. It was just a quick, normal, friendly (though kilig ako) thing we do as men to inform the girl we want to court that we are courting them. No need to be formal also. And just to make it clear, you don’t even have to say verbatim the words LAY DOWN MY INTENTIONS. As what I said, relax ka lang. Say it the way you want to say it.

The only preparation you need is your heart, your maturity, your finances and your leadership.

2.May Christian guy na kasama ko sa church na close ang families namin at lumalabas kami noon pero biglang wala na lang. To show that I’m not bitter, I still reply pag nagtetext sya pero he always suddenly stop w/o telling me. What should I do? Ty


Sister, mukhang di ka bitter, mukhang nangangarap ka pa na may mangyari at magustuhan ka niya. It’s time to move on. Pwede mo na rin -erase ang number niya since wala siyang gusto sa iyo.

3. Greeting From Tina How are you today? I hope fine.I am looking for a nice man of love and caring,matured and understanding.I am interested in you as i read your profile today.Please reply to my email address

Tina, I’m fine and I am a nice man of love and caring. I am also mature and understanding kaya di kita pwede patulan. May asawa na ako! Nasa profile ko din yun.

Sa mga naghahanap ng lovelife sa ganitong paraan, ingat lang  – malay niyo killer yung makaeye ball mo. At sa mga papatol sa mga ganitong greetings, ingat, baka magsisi ka dahil ang susunod niyang gagawin ay mangutang sa iyo.


image taken from chicwithwords.wordpress.com