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Why Be Stock Smarts

marvin germo

I love what I do.  If there’s anything that encapsulates what I’m doing now is the fact that I’m doing something that makes me feel alive and at the same time making a difference in the lives of our countrymen.  It’s been a blessing that I get to do what I’m passionate about day in and day out and I thank God for the opportunity that He has given me.  I love the fact that I get to teach, impart, encourage and inspire Filipinos, both here and abroad, and from different walks of life to consider investing in the stock market.

This September, I am pushing the envelope even further.  I will be releasing my first book, Stock Smarts: Stock Investing Made Easy.  This book was something birth in my heart more than a year ago, with it comes the same goal and heart to reach out to more and more Filipinos.  I believe this book can go to places where I haven’t gone yet and with this book I share my heart on why Filipinos need to invest and why they need to start investing in the stock market.

The core of this book is to:

  1. Inspire us, as Filipinos to know what the stock market is and how we can benefit from it financially
  2. Break misconceptions about what the stock market is and what it is not
  3. Show us Filipinos, how we can actually start investing in the stock market
  4. Teach basic principles on how each investor can earn and profit from the stock market

It is my desire that this book would be an encouragement to many, that wherever you are in life your greatest days are ahead. I speak the best to every Filipino. Mabuhay!

This is our moment. This is our time. It’s time to be stock smart!

Stock Smart will be available in leading bookstores on September 2013.

For those who want to order online:

Book is 395 Pesos  + 60 Pesos delivery charge in metro manila and + 120  if out of town(per book)

Step 1: Order Details and Payment Instructions:

Click the Link to Register and Order.

Step 2: Send Email  to clientrelations@marvingermo.com that details in step 1 have been completed and send picture of deposit slip.

Step 3: Confirmation Email to be sent for delivery date.