Book Raffle: Rich for Life

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Book Raffle: Rich for Life

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What people are saying about the book Rich for Life:

“There is a big difference between getting rich and being rich. Rich for Life is a book everyone needs to read because we should all be truly rich. Dennis Sy gives us a counter-cultural view of what being rich is, we do not only need to change our mindset, we also need to have a change of heart. Read this book and know that we are truly rich.”
– Randell Tiongson, author and Registered Financial Planner

After reading this book, you’ll never look at money the same way again! RICH FOR LIFE will not only teach you the purpose of wealth, but it will also inspire you to be rich.
– Yeng Remulla, Entrepreneur and Author of Productive Pinoy & Start Something

Rich for Life’ is like reading a suspense thriller novel, I can’t stop. It is filled with practical ways how to handle finances, based in very very strong spiritual & Biblical foundation. One thing that adds to its readability is it is in an understandable narrative-like platform.
– Prudy Verzo, lead pastor of LifeChurch Makati

“Dennis Sy takes us through a deep personal journey, an entertaining mix of his and of those around him, to bring us to a realization that being rich is not a goal, it is a gift. The intricate, yet simple process by which he restores our faith in a God that loves and gives is refreshing and straight-to-the-point. RICH FOR LIFE aims at the heart and guarantees results: from changed mindsets and renewed purpose. A book to last for generations to come.
– Michelle Orosa-Ople, Broadcast Journalist, Radio Host, Financial Literacy Advocate

“Our world can really be all about money, therefore many times life can boil down to money. Interestingly this a book that talks about money yet it is not about money. Read on you will discover that life is so much more than money while you work on getting more.”

– Bishop Juray Mora, Victory Philippines

I will be choosing two winners of my recently published book Rich for Life. All you need to do is join the raffle to win. Hope you spread the word.

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