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Past Life, Homeschooling, LDR questions

1. When is the best time to tell someone about your past? Is it before courtship (para malaman agad, and alis na ung guy if he doesn’t like what he hears) or before marriage or somewhere in between?

The best and practical time to tell about your past to someone is before you enter courtship. In doing so, the other person won’t feel cheated or lied to before entering into a deeper relationship with you. You don’t have to do it on the first date though. When you feel like that you want to take the relationship to a deeper level – it is wise and I would appreciate it myself if you can be honest to me before I get deeper with you.

2. What made you decide to put your kids to homeschool? My son is turning 3 na next year and I’m thinking of enrolling him at ADMU or OB but they’re both catholic school. Do you think it would affect his faith and values? Thanks.

First, we put our kids to homeschool when they turned 5. Your son is still 3. It would be good for you to enjoy more of your son at home than send him to school though that is just my personal opinion. With regards to the school, I personally think also that every action we do affects our child’s faith and values. You should be the bigger influence to your kids and not the school so medyo non-issue for me yung religion ng school. If you create a healthy spiritual environment at home and actively involve your family in church – I think it won’t be a problem or if I may say kahit anong school pa yan – they will face the same kind of temptation kaya din isang factor kung bakit kami nag homeschool since mas regulated ang exposure nila to age appropriate issues.

3. I have few questions about courting lng po. 1)Is it OK to say my intentions to a woman thru chat/phone call? (Im residing overseas). 2) How will I say it yung hindi naman awkward ang dating sa kanya?

Para sa una mong tanong, I still prefer face to face pero pag wala na talagang option a phone call is proper. Huwag text o chat, kawawa naman yung babae mag invest ka din naman financially para sabihin ang isang malaking hakbang sa love life ninyo at huwag lang text or email.

Say it how you would normally say it. Huwag formal at maging transparent ka lang. Kaya mo yan. Basahin mo pala yung blog ko nung Monday, andun yung tips ko for laying down your intentions to a girl.