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Gusto kong ligawan ulit, civil wedding at paano kung Catholic siya?

1. My gf broke up with me because she is busy, lost her feelings for me and is active at their church. As for me, I am also going closer to God after we broke because our relationship was not God-centered. But i still want to pursue her. Any advices?

I think alam mo na yung sagot dito brother. You need to put Jesus in the equation of your relationship. Most of the time kasi ginagawa natin si Jesus as palabok to our relationship and not as the main ingredient to our love life. If you want to pursue her again, do so but do keep in mind na dapat si Jesus ang bida sa relationship, hindi siya or ikaw. Yan ang totoong Christ-centered relationship!!!

DSC025752. As a christian, is it okay to get married through a judge for a civil wedding?

Personally, yes okay lang. Ang hindi okay ay may pinakasalan ka tapos di ka tutupad sa usapan at gusto mo ng divorce or lagi kayong nagaaway at nagkakasakitan. Hindi din okay na may vow ka tapos di mo tutuparin. Hindi din okay yung hindi nagpapatawad sa asawa. Hindi din okay yung nambubugbog ng asawa or nangagaliwa.

Pero of course, tanong mo din yung fiancee mo, gusto ba niya civil wedding lang. Iba pa din ang church wedding kasi you are entering into a covenant with God so it’s better do a church wedding. Again it does not need to be expensive.

3. if someone ask me if Christian ang nanliligaw saken kapag cnsbi kong Catholic siya some of them are disappointed, kasi for them he’s not a Christian, is it true po ba?

Well, I think your concern applies to all. Hindi din naman sinabi ng isang tao Christian siya, Christian siya. Ikaw lang naman nakakaalam kung Christian ka o hindi. Though again, I blogged about this topic here.

Check out the link http://www.actlikeaman.org/nonchristian-court/

Photo taken from http://www.n-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24575