Date Night: Sentro 1771

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Date Night: Sentro 1771

One of the things we are trying to really make sacred is our date night. Date nights give us time to unwind with our spouse, talk to her face to face and get to know what is in her heart. It is also a good time to be away from the kids and just focus on your spouse. As much as I love the kids, I think all couple need time together every week without the kids.

Last week, after our family shoot at Picture Company we were blessed to dine at Sentro 1771 Serendra Branch.



For our date night, we were given a taste of the new menu being offered by Sentro 1771.



EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Hmm, let’s see if they can live up to our expectation!


 I almost forgot my name when I took my first bite of the DUCK PANCAKES. I am a Peking Duck fan so to have a Filipino twist is to move in the realm of the unexpected. Parang naisip nila na gawing pinoy style ang Peking Duck was very very creative!

sentro 1771

Looks good I know, it taste even better! A must try food.

sentro 1771

This is THE APPETIZER Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits. Sa sobrang sarap nito we have to hold back para matakeout namin. The cheese use here was Queso de Bola.


Just when you thought that sugar free only applies to your drinks, the waiter served us with Sugar free Humba. This is a guilt-less (not free) pork dish. This is pork belly stewed in soy sauce, rhum vinegar, fermented black beans and coco-sugar. Again we were amazed with the twist and that the dish actually taste great!

sentro 1771

Boneless chicken barbecue. This is CLASSIC! Must order for the chicken lovers. Di kayo magsisisi. 

sentro 1771

I’m not really a soup person but when they said that this was a Native Organic Chicken Tinola, I had to try it and was surprised that we actually finished the soup. Perfect din yung pagka tinola ng manok.

bagoong rice sentro 1771

Seafood Bagoong Rice. Tough one for me to say no to since I am eliminating rice in my diet but for this night I had to try it and sacrifice for the sake of this blog. HEHE! This dish is topped with grilled squid, garlic shrimps and hito flakes.


Fried suman with mangoes. The syrup you see is made of muscovado sugar and coconut so in a way sugar free siya so pwedeng humataw!!!


Keso Flan. Dahil dito nag ka leche-leche na ang plan ko magpapayat that night.


Wanted to taste more of their food. The Spirit is willing but the body is full.


With my date Thammie Sy and Eli, the restaurant manager of Sentro 1771 Serendra. Great job in managing the courteous and friendly staff of Sentro 1771. 

VERDICT: Some restaurants are good but some are great. Sentro 1771 has always been one of those in the greatness category. They continue to reinvent their dishes not compromise the taste of their food. Customer service is top of the line and with no exaggeration we always end up saying WOW after every visit to Sentro 1771. 

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