When Erik Santos was Rejected

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When Erik Santos was Rejected

In high-school, he tries to find extra income as a movie extra—200 pesos for a whole day. After a grueling 24-hour workday at the set, the talent coordinator promises to pay him next time. But the pay never came, the coordinator ran away with the money.

He later gets into a 5-member boy band. They are slated to sing in a free show in Marikina with no talent fee. The calltime was 5am early morning. They waited long until 4pm in the afternoon to get onstage. While just about to sing, suddenly the Cardinal makes his entrance and the producer abruptly takes them off stage and cancels their performance.

And finally, shocking truth is, this wanna-be-singer waits the long line at GMA-7 and finally gets a chance to showcase his vocal prowess to the talent auditioner. Barely two lines into the song “I Believe I Can Fly” he was stopped and the man said, “Thank You. Next pls.”

erik santos6He started his career by being Grand Champion-winning ABS-CBN’s premier singing contest ‘Star In A Million’ 10 years ago.

He has released multi-platinum records and radio chart-topping hits of no end. For this, he is aptly called“The Prince of Pop” and “The King of Teleserye(television soap opera) Theme Songs”.

His winning piece and rendition of the inspirational song “This Is The Moment” is the bar /standard for male singing contest performances and is one of the TOP PICKS of corporate celebrations for ‘inspirational song’.

To me UP CLOSE, 3 things stand out about Erik:

1. He is so funny. I often find myself delusional in telling him to consider being a comedian.

2. His people-skills are off-the-charts. Everyone loves him and is endeared to him. He makes it so easy for people to connect to him.

3. Finally, I believe, even if there are many good singers to sing Tagalog OPM songs, no one(in his generation) does it better than ERIK SANTOS. Nobody. I believe God gave him a voice that is PERFECT for TAGALOG LOVE SONGS.

So having said all this, Happy Happy 10th Anniversary ERIK SANTOS!



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