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Love is Hard Work

Now to the singles reading this you might say what a blasphemous thing to say. Dennis you might not know what real love is… because love is a many splendored thing, love makes the world go round, love is blind, love is a mystery, love makes you do crazy things.

I do agree in all of the above statement but I also want to add that love is hard work. Ravi Zacharias said it best in his book I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah: Moving from Romance to Lasting Love wrote:

Love is hard work. I would carry it one step further. It is the hardest work I know of, work from which you are never entitled to take a vacation. You take on burdens and cares. You inherit problems. You have to feel beyond yourself. You have to think of things other than yourself. Your responsibilities are now multiplied, and you are trusted with greater commitments.

I want to add one more reason why I say love is hard work especially for my wife Thammie. She is married to a man who is a work in progress. It means she lives with the best and worst of me and yet she chooses to stay faithful and work things out with me. I am blessed man because of that.

love is a decision