Why Working On What You Love is Not Enough

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Why Working On What You Love is Not Enough


Lovers outdo the workers but I believe obsessed people outdo the lovers. When we work, I do hope we don’t just see it as an opportunity to work on something you are passionate about but solving problems that matters to you and to a lot of people. It works in any kind of business and career. You don’t just go to work for the money – you won’t last. Money is a good reward but not a good motivation to work. So is doing something you love – you might love music and work as a singer but if you are not adding value and solving something and giving something worth giving – people won’t listen.

Find a problem and solve it. I am blessed to be working as a pastor and I get to solve matters that matters in my field. You might be a call center agent and you need to see your work as helping people solve problems – same goes with the doctor, the nurse and the driver.

So love what you do but also never forget the aspect that you work to also solve problems that matter.