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Mr. Chink Positive

IMG_2412Today is the birthday of one of my heroes literally. We live in an age where we label someone as hero because of a hit song he/she had made, or a movie that made it big but rarely do we see real heroes in their truest sense who has helped thousands and influenced millions of people. Today I want to honor the man behind the CHINK POSITIVE movement who has spread a message of hope, hard work and financial freedom to millions of Filipinos through his radio show, tv show and talks around the Philippines and the world – Chinkee Tan.

I am blessed to know Chinkee Tan up close. Our fathers were actually friends and the second generation of the Sy’s and the Tans’ kala mo Henry Sy and Lucio Tan are still close and working together but instead of working in the textile business, we are now in the business of changing lives.

Chinkee’s impact and influence in my life has been tremendous. When people ask me how I was able to manage my money well, as much as my father has influenced me, Chinkee has influenced me more with his frugality and generosity ( two words that are rarely combined). I remember speaking to a man who is networking who said that the trend today is for young network marketers to buy luxurious cars as marketing that the business really works. I would have to disagree because during the early 90’s when Chinkee was still in the business of direct selling, he was one of the Philippines’ top earner yet he only had one car for more than 10 years – his faithful Starex. Chinkee was frugal with his personal life but generous when helping others. Sobrang daming kwento na hindi lumalabas ng mga tao na natulungan na ni Chinkee at ni Nove at isa na ako doon sa nakaramdam ng generosity ni Chinkee.

When it comes to writing naman books, isa lang ang main motivator ko – Chinkee Tan. Chinkee has written more than 5 books, parang one book a year and he would always since 5 years ago encourage us to write a book. He would often say, kung kaya ko, kaya mo! Mas may tiwala pa siya sa akin kaysa sa sarili ko – that’s why chink positive nga siya. Today, I have a book that has reached best selling status – how? Chinkee Tan. I remember asking Chinkee, “Bro sa tingin mo mag paprint ako ng 1000 copies lang? Ang sagot ni Chink Positive, “ANO KA BA? Make it 3000 copies in your first printing and he took out his imaginary calculator and did the math for me and ayun nagpaprint ako next day ng 3000 copies.

Lastly, is Chinkee’s humility. Si Chinkee mukhang malakas ang dating (kasi nga CHINK POSITIVE) pero one of the most humble men I know. I remember 6 years ago when I started pastoring the church in Victory Greenhills – he was one of the first few people who approached me and volunteered to help. Eto sabi niya sa akin, ” Dennis, I want to serve under you and whatever you need I will help and submit under your leadership.” Sa loob-loob ko nun sabi ko, ” WHAT!!! Si Chinkee Tan will follow my leadership and help me!!!” Nasindak ako pero nung pinakita niya yung respect sa akin dahil talagang naging totoo siya sa word niya that he will help and do whatever it takes to help me lead, lalong tumaas ang respeto ko sa kanya. Tulad ng naging HAWI BOY siya ni Randy Santiago, ganun din yung dedication na binigay niya sa akin though di ko kailangan ng shade dahil maliit na mata ko.

Chinkee, I want to honor you for your friendship, your love, your service, your humble leadership. I treat you as my older brother and I am glad that God gave me a friend who sticks closer than a brother! Happy 38th birthday!!!!



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