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Pride Chicken

pride_destruction_haughty_spirit_fallLately ( like for the past 20 years) hehe I’ve been struggling with my weight – obvious ba? Well Thammie and I are going through the BLOOD TYPE DIET based on the book Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution. My friend Larry has lost 20lbs with this diet (including not eating chicken, pork, white carb and sweets and regular exercise while I am still in a weight swing.)

Anyway, the point of this blog is that one of the major reason for my seesaw weight loss is actually not being undisciplined though it sure is a manifestation of something deeper. PRIDE.

Why pride? Because when I decided to live healthy, there are times that I would not follow the regimen needed to lose weight. Thammie, being a great partner would remind me gently about it but I find myself being pissed when she reminds me. At first I thought I was pissed at her but upon further reflection and looking at the mirror – I see why. PRIDE.

Pride gets in the way of progress. Pride is saying I don’t need help when obviously we all need help. I need help to live healthy and lose weight. I cannot do it alone but pride tells me I can do it alone.

I could give me excuses why I am not losing weight but I’d rather not. My wife is an encourager and I have everything and everyone I need to lose those unwanted pounds – I really have no excuse.

To start losing weight – I need a healthy dose of humility. And when I start realizing the problem – that is when the action starts to take place.

Do pray for me. Seriously need it.



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