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Top 10 Things I love about Thammie (2013 Version)

Happy Birthday Thammie!!!

I could list more than a hundred but for this blog sake let me share the top 10 ( not in particular order)

1. Her love for food. I thank God for giving me a wife who loves food. When I say love I am not exaggerating. Minsan ka lang makakita ng babae nakinikilig sa pagkain or may time pa nga naiiyak sa pagkain whether masarap kasi or di niya type. The picture below is her shoot for Nescafe pero again no exagge ganon talaga siya uminom ng kape at kumain during buffets or kung may dessert.


2. Her heart of worship.

Thammie is my favorite worship leader even though she hasn’t been leading worship for a long time since giving birth to Isaiah. But worship is seen not just in times you are leading but in your lifestyle. I thank God for giving me a wife who is a worshipper. Kung may problema, worship lang!

3. Her beauty inside and out.

I always tell Thammie she looks elegant. Yung dating niya mukhang asawa ng author ng RICH FOR LIFE. Kahit hindi kalakihan ang budget for beauty stuff, she makes good use of what she has. It’s funny because she never buys expensive makeups and karamihan bigay ng mga girl friends niya. So whether naka T-shirt lang siya, naka pajama, naka pambahay or naka formal when she ask me if it looks good on her I always tell her with all honesty – ANG GANDA MO!


4. Her love for the kids and family.

5. Her work ethic.

talkWhen Thammie reviews her schedule of the day to me, I feel overwhelmed for her. From morning to night parang ang daming sacrifices kailangan niyang gawin but she doesn’t feel that it is a sacrifice. From preparing the lessons of the kids for the day, to breastfeeding and taking care of Isaiah, from managing the household and her blogging career, to attending the kids event and her SO MOMS events – parang may oras ka pa ba? At ang pinaka favorite ko may oras pa rin siya for me.

6. Her heart to reach the next generation of women and moms

Thammie would always set aside a time every year to speak to the women especially the younger women on God’s purpose for them. Although stressful kay Thammie mag prepare ng talk, she would get out of her comfort zone to do so. The result would always be phenomenal. Hanggang ngayon na twitweet pa rin yung mga talks niya 2 years ago pati yung youtube video ko kung saan siya nagsalita viral pero kung ako lang 3 lang ang nakikinig. Here is the link of her talk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH12EBbzsPA

7. Her faith to believe in greater things.

Thammie has the habit of praying for the impossible. Whether it is a free trip aborad, to own another house, or open doors for ministry – she just knows God is able and willing to do it in His time. I am always challenged and encouraged to step up my faith every time she believes God for something!

8. Her mother’s instinct.

When it comes to motherhood, saludo ako kay Thammie. Parang may masters degree pagdating sa motherhood. Natural siya sa bata and the kids love her. Thammie also goes beyond what is required as a mother kaya mga kids laging happy pag kasama siya.


9. Leadership.

Ibang klaseng leader si Thammie. Natural born leader nga ata. Since her childhood days, wherever she is- she is automatically positioned as a leader. Siguro gifting na rin ni Lord sa kanya. Parang walang effort to lead where God wants her to lead. At the same time, magaling din kasing follower. Sobrang submissive as a wife kahit mukhang strong sa labas when it comes to leading her as a husband, no sweat – super supporive but in areas where leadership is needed, she takes the challenge. Gandang balance lang ng di umeepal at nag ri- rise up if need be.

10. Wifey.

Thammie thank you for being such a great wife. Wala na akong mahiling pa sa iyo. When she would ask me what she needs to improve on – most of the time wala akong maisip. Kung meron naman – medyo trivial and nothing major. I think it is because you have relied on God’s strength and the prompting ng Holy Spirit on how to be a better helpmate. Most of her adjustment as a wife came from her time with the Lord not with me. Thank you talaga for loving me and for being you.


you can check out Thammie’s thoughts on her website: http://thammiesy.com/


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