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the 8% Miracle

warren villaRecently my good friend and San Juan city Councilor shared a powerful testimony of how his faith in Christ changed his life and his circumstances. Councilor Warren Villa and his wife Inah have been believing God for a child for the longest time. They would pray and ask for a miracle to happen because it seems like they can’t have a baby.

When they went to the doctor, what they feared the most happened. The doctor said they have an 8% chance to have a baby. That is a 92% improbability. Not a really good stat to start. But Warren wanted to be a father – and I know he will be a good father as he has been faithful with his wife Inah and his job as city councilor.

I remember having dinner with Warren and Inah almost two years ago to celebrate his birthday and prayed to God to give them a baby. An 8% chance in the medical world but not with God. Last year, I received a call from Councilor Warren announcing the miracle – his wife was pregnant. Last December I received another call – Inah gave birth to a healthy baby boy Habakkuk.

You might be like Warren and Inah – down to your last 8% probability but remember your God. With God nothing is impossible. Nothing too hard.

So don’t dwell on your 92% improbabilities. God can turn that around.

Here is a picture of MIRACLE!

warren villa