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Not as Easy

At 92 years old, Trueet Cathy is in the top 100 billionaires in the United States by building his restaurant Chick Fil-A that is closed every Sunday because it is the Lord’s day.

In his biography, Mr. Cathy revealed how he can’t speak well when he started in business. He stuttered all the time. In the first week of opening his first store, it burned down. When he finally got his second store built, his brothers, who were all his partners, all died in an airplane crash.

When people see Trueet Cathy, everybody wants to be in his place. But let us be reminded that he went through a lot to fullfill his God-ordained vision. Are we willing to go through the hard work, the challenges, the obstacles to be successful.

Just like Mr. Cathy, I pray that we will use our challenges as motivation to keep on persevering.