Health Tip: Make Time for You

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Health Tip: Make Time for You

In Phil and Amy Parham’s book The 90-Day Fitness Challenge┬áthat I am currently reading as a motivation to live healthy and have a regular exercise, they shared how we need to have a time for ourselves.

90-day-fitness-challengeThis is so true. For the longest time, I had no time for me. Not that I don’t have time but it’s the me part that is hard. I made so many excuses on why I can’t jog this morning or do boxing the next day or lift weights at home because of family, work or y wife – it was a lame excuse because the real reason behind it was time management not my family or my work.

This year I decided to have my ME TIME. Not really an alone time that would take hours. I just carve 20 to 40 minutes a day for my health. That means walking around our townhouse with my wife and kids, it means lifting weights while Thammie and I watch our favorite TV series or going to the boxing gym once a week with either my wife or my friends.

To bring about change in our life, we need that ME time. You are important. If you are sick – then you can’t spend a lot of time with your kids or enjoy your wife. If you are physically drain then you get easily tired at work that it affects your ministry.

I am enjoying my journey to living healthy. I do hope this is not just another fad in my long time dream of seeing myself healthier.

You can buy the book The 90-Day Fitness Challenge, by clicking on the title.