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Where is the Man?


Our culture needs to ask the right question. Do we really want real men to show up? The majority would say yes but our actions shows otherwise.

Check out our movies – men are depicted as either adulterers, women lovers, violent men, absentee fathers or worst some movies don’t even have fathers. Producers would then reason out that producing movies that are family friendly won’t earn as much. All I can say is what price are we willing to pay to see more fathers depicted in a role that is right and biblical.

We have emasculated men in our culture. The marketing department entices men with sexy women on the billboard. So called love experts on radio teaches men to commit adultery without getting caught. Our culture has also encouraged women to seduce men thus men get the girls easily and as what our parents would say, “EASY TO GET, EASY TO FORGET”.

And let us also be reminded how we try to baby our men. Single people working really hard to give their hard earned money to their kuya who has a family while kuya stays home and watches telenovelas and do nothing.

We also see grown up kids and hardworking wives give their money to fathers who do nothing but drink all night and beat up their kids for not giving more money for their drinking pleasure.

The celebration of homosexuality is also disturbing. From afternoon shows that highlights homosexuality and lesbianism and homosexual celebrities dishing out homosexual acts and green jokes – we are eating it up and then the next day complain why there are no real men out there.

Churches also plays a major role in raising men. When we stop reaching out deliberately to men, we are doing a disservice to women. When we don’t make efforts to raise men in church and disciple men, women take charge. God bless the women but I do hope to see a rise in male leadership in church.

Where is the man? You might be asking that question. Well, I am asking the same question.