Three Phases of a God Vision

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Three Phases of a God Vision

510WvyvSh2LLet me share the 3 phases of a Vision (thought taken from Believe That You Can: Moving with Faith and Tenacity to the Dream God Has Given You)

PHASE 1: Birthing of a Vision

Every God thing we do is birth by a vision.

When I was 12 years old, I had a vision of pastoring a church someday through a visiting pastor preaching in our school. God birthed a vision in me that would come true after 6 years.

My sister Arlene and some of her friends received a vision from God to start a foundation to help underprivileged kids. After years of praying, they started RIGHT START FOUNDATION.

PHASE 2: Dead of a Vision

Just like in any vision, it will be challenged and opposed. Whether it is challenged by people close to you or by yourself – it will experience some kind of death. There will be second thoughts about the vision, there will be dream stealers and haters.

It is at this time that everything that can go wrong happens. It might be lack of funds, lack of support, or unseen circumstances that derails the vision. But thank God that there is a 3rd phase to the God vision.

PHASE 3: Resurrection of the Vision

Only dead vision can be resurrected. Just like in the gospel, we will see that we have to come to a point where it takes God to fulfill a vision for us to really say it is a God vision. Remember God’s vision is bigger than you thus requiring Him to intervene.

So as we start the year, God might be birthing a vision – hold on to that vision

Some might be in the middle of death – persevere and look to God. He can resurrect dreams and visions.

Live life to the fullest! (John 10:10)