Quitters, Campers, Climbers

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Quitters, Campers, Climbers

I have been learning a lot from the book Believe That You Can: Moving with Faith and Tenacity to the Dream God Has Given You by Jentezen Franklin. In the chapter Keep Climbing, he talks about three kinds of people in life.

The first are the quitters.

Quitters don’t try, they just quit. Quitters think they are victims. They never take responsibility of what was given to them. At the same time, quitters never get to enjoy what God has in store for them. They want to stay in their comfort zone.

The verse I have fought the good fight, I have finish the race, I have kept the faith seems strange for them. Sayang, kasi ang ganda sana ng pwede nilang ma experience kay Lord if they didn’t quit.

The second group are the campers.

This are the people who climb halfway and decides to enjoy the half climb and camp there. They are content in the half way mark. Just like the quitters, they will never fully experience the mountain top. Madami dito segurista. They don’t want to take the risk anymore. Sayang lang din kasi tulad ng quitters, they never will fully experience how God can move mightily in their midst.

The third group are the climbers.

Eto ang mga tigasin at dreamers. They want the mountain top experience. They know it’s about the climb and not just the view. They want to experience God in a new way that is why they take the challenge. Now it is not easy being a climber. May fatigue factor and danger. ¬†Climbers fight the temptation to quit or even camp out for long – they need they have to move on and keep going. They know it is not yet the final destination and they are set to finish the goal and they also know it is not an overnight climb.

As what Jentezen Franklin said, ” Climbers are like Mona Lisa – she keeps smiling, even when her back’s against the wall.

The good news about climbers is that eventually they will reach the top. And yes, I know they have to go down again – which is also hard – but it is all worth it. How do I know? Am I a mountain climber? No – but I did ask around… hehe!

What are the mountains you are climbing today? not literally but figuratively. Decide to be a climber and quit the quitting and the camping around. It’s the climb brother!


Photo courtesy of Christian Ongtangco





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