I’ve Found my Girl

Taking Manhood Back

I’ve Found my Girl

February 5, 2005 I found my girl. It wasn’t love at first sight though I am madly deeply in love with my wife since 2004. It was a decision. When I decide to marry Thammie there were other implications such as:

1. I am not searching anymore.

My eyes and my heart are reserved for her. In the age of adultery and lust, we tend to not get satisfied with what we have and we miss out on what should have been. To bring another girl to the picture aside from your wife is unwise, unhealthy and plain sin. Whether it is an old flame, the girl in the office, a facebook friend – it won’t do any good to her, to you, your kids and your marriage. Make a decision not to search anymore. You’ve found the one God gave you when you decided to say I’ll marry you and be your husband.


search is over

20131230_1606122. China plate not paper plate.

Treat your wife like a china plate – treat her with respect and honor. Love her and take care of her. She is delicate – God wired her that way. Most men treat their spouse like paper plates. Use them and trample them.  Women are to be loved, protected and cherished. Make her feel special, not like some take out in a run down restaurant.

That also means plan big for your wedding anniversary. Don’t make it a spur of the moment. have a detailed plan on where you are eating out, where are you booked, reserve in advance. Make this about your marriage and not just about you.

When you find a treasure, you don’t treat it like paper plates. Thammie, you are my china plate. Promise to treasure you forever and treat you like there is a special occasion everyday.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you must face your willingness to die to yourself before you choose to walk down the aisle. Is this the person the one for whom you are willing to die daily? Is this person to whom you say “I do” also the one for whom you are willing to say, “No, I don’t” to everybody else? Be assured that marriage will cost you everything.  – Ravi Zacharias




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